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    "Investing in Buyerly was extremely valuable. It allowed me to understand how retail buyers process information and how they make decisions. What I liked most is the buyers’ responses & explanation on how and why they gave their opinions. The buyers also gave suggestions or alternatives. Overall I am extremely satisfied with my investment. Buyerly will save me time and money by preventing mistakes based on expert responses.”

    - Jessica A. of Zarri, Buyerly Product Feedback (4-buyer panel) customer


    "I joined Buyerly to get the first glimpse at new product launches. And I enjoy helping small companies."

    - Buyerly buyer panelist


    "A valuable service for Entrepreneurs!! Getting my Product Feedback™ gave me the confidence to know my product is a good idea and where to focus my improvements."

    - SwaggerTag Founder, Buyerly Product Feedback (4-buyer panel) customer


    "Honestly- that was fun!"

    - Buyerly buyer panelist


    "It is exciting to see firsthand and early on the many new products being introduced to the market. You also never know when you’d stumble upon the next big thing first!"

    - Buyerly buyer panelist


    "The part I loved the most [about Buyerly] was that the platform offers an array of questions to ask the retailers that are extremely pertinent to how to get on their shelves, but are not the kind of questions everyone would think of asking (or at least I hadn’t thought of asking them)."

    - M. Perrine of Little Dundi, Buyerly Product Feedback (2-buyer panel) customer


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